Who Am I?

My name is Kyle Hawkins and I am a software developer. I have ample experience designing front ends, as well as hooking up websites to the back end for data manipulation and wonderful dynamic experiences. I am currently studying to receive my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from California State University San Marcos, and also work as a Code Coach for The Coder School.


I am proud to have a wide skillset in development which can cater for any situation. I can create aesthetic user interfaces with modern HTML5 and CSS3 along with frameworks like Bootstrap 4 and SASS. I can also make dynamic web apps with modern ES6+ Javascript and tools such as jQuery, React, and Redux. I also have experience writing back ends with nodeJS and databases such as MongoDB and mySQL.


Proof of my experience


A weightlifting log that can project your future strength based off your previous lifting data. Uses PassportJS for authentication, and nodeJS and MongoDB to store data.


A Gatsby markdown blog about fundamental programming ideas. Uses Gatsby's GraphQL API


A personal financial tracker application. Uses chart.js to create a nice visualization of your monthly expenses. Uses nodeJS and mySQL to store user data.


Fun app that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence using Face API, a library built with TensorFlow.js. Uses the webcam to detect smiles and automatically snaps a picture for you. Images are presented and are able to be downloaded by the user.

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